Jeff Feinstein

Jeff Feinstine

Jeff Feinstein is the Founder and Principal of Catalyst Consulting where he provides management and investment consulting services to early-stage technology startups. He is specialized in networking, enterprises services, and software. For a decade, Jeff has been establishing go-to-market strategy at successful startups such as Backtrace, Volometrix, and Context Relevant.

Most recently, Jeff served as the Senior Vice President of Field Operations at ExtraHop Networks, a leader in application network management. At ExtraHop, he was responsible for all customer-facing functions, including sales, customer support, and business development. Prior to ExtraHop, Jeff served as Worldwide Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Business Development at Vallent Corporation, Metapath Software, and Sequent Computer Systems. He was the executive team contributor for investor relations, fund-raising, marketing and developing strategic partnerships.

Jeff serves as a Member of Advisory Board of Taldan Capital, The Schuster Group, Tellwise, and Ontella Software. He received his B.A. in Business from Washington State University and earned an Executive Program Certification from Stanford University School of Business and an International Business Certificate from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark</p>

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