003-lock Security

Ensure that your security and segmentation policies are enforced at all times

001-warning Reliability

Eliminate single points of failure and ensure that your failure and disaster recovery policies are correctly implemented

settings-gray-thick-2 Automation

Automatically, validate all changes to the network before deployment.

Shape Production-Scale

Analyze your entire network in software, without recreating it in physical or virtual environments

"We are thrilled that Batfish Enterprise was selected as "Best of Infrastructure" at Interop 2019. It is an amazing milestone in our journey to helping organizations build secure and reliable networks."

- Ratul Mahajan, CEO, Intentionet


Batfish provides a foundational element for any network automation workflow – pre-deployment validation. It enables network engineers and operators to validate planned changes to the network before those changes are pushed to the network.

At the heart of Batfish are comprehensive, vendor and cloud agnostic, models of network behavior, built from just configurations. A powerful and flexible query engine enables network engineers and operators to evaluate network policies to ensure that the security, reliability, and compliance of the network is never compromised.

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Groundbreaking open source tech.

“Our commitment to open source is core to Intentionet’s mission. The recent history of networking is filled with open-source, community-driven enhancements. We, along with our many open-source contributors aspire to continue this trend, contributing to the movement towards broader adoption of open-networking solutions."

- Ratul Mahajan, CEO, Intentionet

Intentionet™ is supported by the National Science Foundation, True Ventures and the United States Air Force

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Pre-deployment validation of your network’s security, reliability and compliance policies, fully-automated with Batfish.

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