Design and evolve your network like software

Rapid deployment and maintenance without fear of outages, breaches, or compliance violations

Our Technology

We bring cutting-edge software development techniques to networking, such as continuous integration and unit testing. Engineers use our technology to guarantee that network configurations are correct.


Compliance and best-practices

Ensure that your configurations fully comply with your organization’s standards and industry best practices.


Data flow

Ensure that packets flow as intended, endpoints are reachable (only) from where they should be, and QoS is correctly configured.


Change analysis

Ensure that configuration changes have the intended functional impact and do not cause collateral damage.


Fault tolerance

Ensure that your network is fault-tolerant, and packets continue to flow as intended even after interface or device failures.

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About Us

Intentionet™ was founded by a team of renowned computer science researchers. It builds on open technologies and draws on many years of research.

Intentionet™ is supported by the National Science Foundation and True Ventures

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