Shape Holistic View

Gain unprecedented visibility into your network's security posture and connectivity matrix

cloud-computing Hybrid & Multi-Cloud

Bring together your on-premise and public cloud infrastructure for complete end-to-end analysis

merge Built-in CI/CD

Use modern DevOps to automatically test and deploy every network change

production Production Scale

Get comprehensive analysis for your entire network in software—no need for physical or virtual test environments

The Trusted Tool of Network Engineers

“It has become operationally clear that the pace of change within our networks [is] at an inflection point. Network change cost is a complex evaluation with technical and business variables. Being able to reduce the unknowns pre-change will be a critical enabler to increasing our pace of change while staying within risk tolerances. Batfish is well suited to our desired workflows thanks to its low cost of scale and direct integration into infrastructure pipelines.”

IT Infrastructure Mgr @ Cisco

No more rollbacks

Empower your network engineers to evolve the network at the speed of applications without compromising security or availability.

Batfish Enterprise automates the testing of network changes and helps ensure that only safe changes are deployed to your network, ensuring that the security, reliability, and compliance of the network is never compromised.

Use comprehensive models of network devices and clouds and a powerful query engine, to enable production-scale, exhaustive analysis without physical or virtual environments and without agents on network devices.

Easily view current and historical network behavior across on-premise, public cloud, and hybrid networks—enabling network operations teams to quickly troubleshoot unexpected behavior and fix or exonerate the network.

And that's just the start.
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Funny name. Groundbreaking open-source tech.

Batfish Enterprise builds on Batfish, the open-source network analysis engine we developed in collaboration with industry and academic partners. Our love for community-driven, open-source technologies inspires us to keep up our long-term Batfish investment and encourage development on this and other open-source platforms.

Visit the Batfish Open Source project

Intentionet™ is supported by the National Science Foundation, True Ventures and the United States Air Force