Your Network Automation How-to Guide

A step by step guide to help you quickly score 3 big automation wins

The benefits of network automation are significant and universally recognized. Gartner found that organizations that automate 70% of their network change activities reduce outages by 50% and deliver services 50% faster. But for most enterprises, the path to realizing these benefits remains elusive. Hundreds of articles and GitHub repositories provide examples of automation pipelines that generate, test, and deploy configurations. But none of these actually help you get started because they focus on the mythical “greenfield” network where you have no legacy infrastructure, no “snowflakes” requiring special consideration, and a well laid-out data model connected to a single, perfect source of truth.

What’s missing is insight into how you can introduce automation into the “brownfield” network you have today—the network that, for all its flaws and faults, serves you well and is not going anywhere anytime soon.

This whitepaper provides step-by-step guidance on how to introduce automation into your existing network, assembling real and tangible wins along the way.

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