Stopping Network Outages Before They Start

How do you detect buggy network configuration changes?  My guess is that you use post-deployment checks and monitoring systems. And you should!  But if that’s the only thing you’re doing, then you are unnecessarily risking network outages, breaches, and more. Those tools help you cure incidents after they occur, but they do nothing to prevent…

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Pre-deployment validation of BGP route policies

A common culprit behind some of the biggest outages in the Internet is misconfigured BGP route policies. For example: BGP Leak Causing Internet Outages in Japan and Beyond How a Tiny Error Shut Off the Internet for Parts of the US Telia engineer error to blame for massive net outage   Such outages typically occur…

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Intent specification languages – simplifying network configuration

The growing scale and complexity of today’s networks have outpaced network engineers’ ability to reason about their correct operation. As a consequence, misconfigurations that lead to downtime and security breaches have become all too common. In his keynote presentation at Future: NET 2017, Ratul Mahajan, the CEO of Intentionet, introduced a new network engineering workflow…

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