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Customer Highlights

Global financial services group operating in retail, corporate, and investment banking segments. They offer financial products and services to a wide range of clients, including individuals, small and medium enterprises, large corporations, financial institutions, and public sector entities. This customer operates in more than 40 countries and ranks in the top 100 largest public companies worldwide according to Forbes.


  • Accelerate change review and management process to support business-critical applications and meet service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Automate changes to securely implement rapidly evolving business requirements
  • Transfer knowledge from the network architects to engineers and operators to increase uptime for their large multi-vendor network with complex policies

Business Impact and Results

  • Eliminated outages caused by incompletely verified changes, thereby increasing network availability and reducing staff workload
  • Increased network change velocity due to higher success rate of maintenance windows
  • Reduced time spent reviewing change requests

Banking on Reliability

Previously, this organization struggled with rapidly and reliably evolving the network to meet critical business requirements for applications and services. Despite a robust review process, network changes frequently failed to deliver desired outcomes and resulted in outages and application or service slowdowns, requiring multiple subsequent maintenance windows to properly remediate.

This financial services leader wanted to aggressively use the network to securely deliver new and existing services. Rapidly launching new services requires automating the underlying network change process. This process must ensure that proposed changes meet desired goals, don’t cause a network outage, and don’t introduce a security vulnerability.

Customer teams found that Batfish Enterprise seamlessly integrated with their existing change management workflow. Its predictive change testing provided a foundation for automating change management. Batfish Enterprise is helping them expedite changes, document tickets, and consider all potential network conflicts prior to deployment.

Learn First Hand: View Intentionet’s Change Review workflow demonstration

Comprehensive and Automated Change Analysis

Digital transformation is driving business strategy and network investments. Companies that successfully make the shift realize higher revenues and lower operational costs. It is critical that the network evolve rapidly and reliably in response to business needs.

Change automation is essential to enabling network engineering and operations teams to safely deliver the many changes required every week. To effectively deliver business-requested changes, they need a comprehensive, production-scale validation system. Instead of creating a parallel test network, with Batfish Enterprise you get an exact mathematical replica of your network that predicts the impact of changes and validates them in minutes before deploying any updates to production.

The network change design, review, and implementation workflow built into Batfish Enterprise transforms the change management process. It eliminates the need for multiple maintenance windows to address a single service request and prevents change-induced network outages. Batfish Enterprise APIs also enable the integration of comprehensive, production-scale change analysis into existing ITSM systems as well as custom automated workflows.

About Intentionet, Inc.

Intentionet are network validation and automation pioneers. Intentionet’s award-winning platform, Batfish Enterprise, enables pre-deployment validation, the foundation of any network automation workflow. Network engineering and operations teams are using Batfish Enterprise to validate planned changes before deploying them into production. Batfish Enterprise predicts the impact of network changes and ensures that the security, reliability, and compliance of the network is never compromised.

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