IIA. Windows

We recommend using the PuTTY client on Windows to setup your SSH tunnel. You can download the software from here: https://www.putty.org/

Follow these steps to configure the PuTTY client:

  1. Under the Session category, enter the value of the JumpHostHostname field from the Outputs tab of the CloudFormation Stack.
    1. Leave the port as 22
    2. Enter bfe-web as the name for the session in the Saved Sessions field on the same page, and click Save.
  2. Navigate to the Connection->Data category and enter ec2-user in the Auto-login username field.
  3. Navigate to the Connection->Data->SSH->Auth category. Click the Browse button and select the ppk file containing your private key.
  4. Navigate to the Connection->SSH->Tunnels category. You will need to add one tunnel. After entering the Source port and Destination for a tunnel entry, click the Add button. You should use the following values for these fields.
    Source Port: 9443
    Destination: localhost:443
  5. Return to the Session category and click Save again.
  6. Click Open to connect and establish the tunnels.

Remember to keep this session open while you are accessing the Batfish Enterprise dashboard.

For future sessions, open PuTTY:

  1. Select bfe-web from the Saved Sessions box
  2. Click Load
  3. Click Open to connect.