// Batfish Enterprise for AWS Getting Started Guide // Detailed Setup Instructions // II. Access the Batfish Enterprise dashboard

II. Access the Batfish Enterprise dashboard

Point your browser (we recommend Chrome) to the url specified in the CloudFormation template output: BatfishEnterpriseUrl. Batfish Enterprise generates its own self-signed certificates for SSL communication if you don’t specify your own cert and key files, so you will see the following screen the first time you access the dashboard:

Private SSL certificate warning

Click Advanced which will update the page, as shown below

Private SSL certificate warning with advanced options

Click Proceed to <BatfishEnterpriseUrl> (unsafe) at the bottom of the page to access the Batfish Enterprise dashboard. Communication with the Batfish Enterprise service is safe and encrypted. The warning is the byproduct of the self-signed SSL certificate the service is using.

Once at the dashboard, you will need to log in as admin using the password specified in the CloudFormation stack output: DefaultAdminPassword.

Batfish Enterprise login page

Note: once at the dashboard home page, you can change your password via the menu option under the user-profile icon in the top-right of the page.

Batfish Enterprise password change

The first time you log in, you will be asked to enter the trial activation key and acknowledge the trial license agreement. Both the key and the agreement were emailed to you.

Batfish Enterprise for AWS trial activation page


After that, Batfish Enterprise will start collecting your AWS configuration and state for supported features. Depending upon the size of your AWS deployment, this could take about 5 minutes.

An example AWS network has been bundled into the service, which you can explore while Batfish Enterprise is collecting information about your AWS deployment. You can access that network using the drop down on the top left (to the right of “AWS”).

As soon as the first snapshot is created, the dashboard will refresh and you will see your AWS topology.

Batfish Enterprise AWS Topology View