// Batfish Enterprise for AWS Getting Started Guide // Detailed Setup Instructions // III. Add additional AWS accounts (optional)

III. Add additional AWS accounts (optional)

Batfish Enterprise allows you to monitor multiple AWS accounts and perform connectivity and security analysis across them.

To enable polling of other accounts, you must first give Batfish Enterprise the right permissions. You can do that by logging into those accounts and then creating this CloudFormation stack. This stack does not create any resources other than giving Batfish Enterprise running in the main account (where you deployed the service) read-only access to this secondary account.

After that, go the cloud settings page by hitting the cloud icon on the top right corner of the Batfish Enterprise dashboard (or directly to https://<BatfishEnterpriseUrl>/dashboard/cloudfetch/aws).

On the settings page, you can also configure the regions that Batfish Enterprise will poll for each account.