Quick Setup Instructions


  1. Click here to launch the Batfish Enterprise stack.
  2. Make note of the BatfishEnterpriseUrl and DefaultAdminPassword shown in the Outputs tab after the stack is created.
    • The url is the address at which the instance can be reached.
    • The default password is the initial admin password you will need, to login to the service.
  3. Access the Batfish Enterprise dashboard at the url specified by the BatfishEnterpriseUrl.
  4. Login as admin using the default password from the DefaultAdminPassword.
  5. Enter the trial activation key and acknowledge the trial license agreement that was emailed to you.
  6. Add any additional AWS accounts you want to poll:
    • Log in to the account and create this Cloudformation stack.
    • Add that account number via the cloud setting page at https://<BatfishEnterpriseUrl>/dashboard/cloudfetch/aws