Ensure that only safe changes are deployed to your network, and get new levels of visibility into end-to-end network behavior—on-premises, hybrid, or in a public cloud.

Evolve your network at the speed of applications without compromising security or availability.

Get iron-tight assurances on network security and availability using built-in analysis that exhaustively considers all possible packets and failure scenarios based on high-fidelity models spanning a wide range of equipment and cloud vendors.

Batfish Enterprise helps ensure that only safe changes are deployed to the network

  • Dynamic real-time network map
  • Policy Dashboard for continuous validation of network security and availability
  • Centralized representation of network state and behavior changes, allowing for easy troubleshooting of network issues
  • Visual traceroute to determine network paths across on-premise and cloud networks
  • Virtual NMAP to understand the surface of your network that is exposed to the internet
  • Real-time view of network configuration and state changes
  • Sandbox to propose changes to network device configurations

Supported Vendors

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