Predict the impact of a network change, empowering your network engineering and operations teams to respond to the rapidly changing needs of your business.

Whether you are running a fully automated environment, partially automated environment or zero automation environment, Batfish Enterprise can fit into your change management practices and transform it.

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Batfish Enterprise helps ensure that only safe changes are deployed to the network

Predict and test the impact of network changes, ensuring that only safe changes are deployed to your network, and get new levels of visibility into end-to-end network behavior—on-premises, hybrid, or in a public cloud.

Evolve your network at the speed of applications without compromising security or availability.

Get iron-tight assurances on network security and availability using built-in analysis that exhaustively considers all possible packets and failure scenarios based on high-fidelity models spanning a wide range of equipment and cloud vendors.

Batfish Enterprise provides:

  • Change management workflow to propose and evaluate changes to network device configurations
  • Policy Dashboard for continuous validation of network security and availability
  • Visual traceroute to determine network paths across on-premise and cloud networks
  • Virtual NMAP to understand the surface of your network that is exposed to the internet
  • Dynamic real-time network map

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