The Intentionet team is joining AWS. We thank our customers and the open source community for their support over the years. We are proud of the technology and the community we have built, and we are excited to continue, under a new umbrella, our mission of transforming how networks are engineered. Visit and join our Slack channel to stay abreast of ongoing developments.

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Test automation is essential to operating a highly-available network and enabling network engineering and operations teams to safely deliver the many changes required every week. In order to effectively deliver business-requested changes, you need a comprehensive, production-scale validation system. Instead of creating a parallel test network, with Batfish Enterprise you get an exact mathematical replica of your network to predict the impact of changes and validate them in minutes before deploying updates to the production. This helps ensure that changes are fast and do not cause an outage.

The network policy evaluation and change review workflows built into Batfish Enterprise transforms network and change management processes. It helps ensure that the network is always policy-compliant, alerts rapidly when it is not, and speeds the change testing process.


Automated Change Reviews with Batfish Enterprise

Check out this video to see how you can automate your change review process with Batfish Enterprise


Interactive (Manual) Change Reviews with Batfish Enterprise

Check out this video to see how you can interactively validate changes to your network with Batfish Enterprise

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