The Intentionet team is joining AWS. We thank our customers and the open source community for their support over the years. We are proud of the technology and the community we have built, and we are excited to continue, under a new umbrella, our mission of transforming how networks are engineered. Visit and join our Slack channel to stay abreast of ongoing developments.

// Automated configuration analysis with Batfish Enterprise

Automated configuration analysis with Batfish Enterprise

With Batfish Enterprise it is easy to automatically test your network for policy compliance. Network policies can range from configuration attribute checks like ensuring a specific SNMP community is used and it has an access-list protecting it, to routing protocol checks to ensure all BGP sessions are established, to security checks to ensure critical services are protected from outside your network, to service assurance checks to ensure your users can always access critical services like DNS or LDAP.

Check out this demo to see Batfish Enterprise policy validation in action.

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