Continuous Network Compliance

Network compliance audits are manual, time-consuming and expensive. This is why they are only done once a quarter or once a year, leaving your network exposed in the meanwhile. Intentionet Sage changes the game by automating compliance checking and enabling you to keep your network compliant at all times.

Use our pre-built compliance modules (for PCI, NIST, CSI, etc.) or encode your custom requirements and then Sage takes care of the rest. Sage continuously ingests configuration and other data from the network and analyzes it for compliance. Any deviations from your desired compliance posture are immediately flagged and fed directly into your ticketing system for immediate action.

The growing scale and complexity of today’s networks has outpaced network engineers’ ability to reason about their correct operation. As a consequence, misconfigurations that lead to downtime and security breaches have become all too common.

Network-wide specification languages help bridge the abstraction gap between the intended high-level policies of a network and its low-level configuration. A compiler automatically generates the corresponding low-level configurations. This approach is analogous to the trend in software engineering over the last several decades, which has led to ever-higher levels of abstraction and has been a huge boon for the software industry:  Imagine writing today's complex software in machine code!

In this post we will discuss the various attempts in industry and academia to define a higher level specification language for networks, while diving deeper in Propane; an intra- and inter-domain routing policy framework.

At Future:NET 2017, our CEO Ratul Mahajan gave the keynote presentation about how we can help network engineers and operators make their networks highly agile, reliable, and secure by adapting proven approaches employed by hardware and software engineers. In his keynote, Ratul introduced the concept of the new network engineering workflow inspired by capabilities used by hardware and software engineers.

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