The Intentionet team is joining AWS. We thank our customers and the open source community for their support over the years. We are proud of the technology and the community we have built, and we are excited to continue, under a new umbrella, our mission of transforming how networks are engineered. Visit and join our Slack channel to stay abreast of ongoing developments.

We do things a little differently here

How we think and work is guided by three principles.

  1. Have impact, leave a mark
  2. Collaborate like a soccer team
  3. Innovate like adventurous musicians

Whirlyball outing, February 2020

Intentionetâ„¢ is supported by the National Science Foundation, True Ventures and the United States Air Force

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Computer networks are a cornerstone of modern society. Join us to make them secure and reliable, in a learning environment with great coworkers.

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